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Care Action Macao Education Fund

Since 2007, Care Action Macao have been working in Huining Mountain District of Gansu Province and Panyu of Guangdong Province. After that, we have visited students and villagers in many remote and impoverished areas in China. We have been deeply aware of their poor environment for generations, which makes it extremely difficult to provide education for their children, and it is almost impossible for them to go to university. To help them get out of poverty requires a long-term plan. We believe that knowledge can change our destiny, and uphold the concept of "Educate poor wisely". In early 2011, Chairman John Lo initiated and established the "Care Action Macao Education Fund" to fund poor students to complete their university courses. In addition to giving the students a chance and hope, we will help them change their destiny with knowledge, break the poverty and hardship of generations, and create a bright future!

Graduated College Students
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MOP 12000000
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Gansu (Province)

Located in the remote, arid and most impoverished northwest of Gansu Province, every step of the fight against poverty is fraught with hardship. The natural environment is fragile, the mountains are deep, the transportation is inconvenient, the information lags behind, the poverty problem in the territory is serious, and the "poverty" related vocabulary, like a "magic spell" shrouded in the minds of the people in Gansu. Gansu is a typical arid mountainous region with low annual rainfall, so drinking water is very difficult for villagers.

Since 2006, Care Action Macao has been carried out in Gansu student for poverty alleviation work, to help mainland solitary poor students in remote areas, special fund is used for orphans, single, most needy students, after several years of individual financing, prompting "Education Fund" established, the association shall be formulated by the students in Gansu province begins to long-term funding scheme, and after it plans to expand to other provinces.


Guizhou (Province)

Located in the hinterland of southwest China, Guizhou is the main battleground in China's fight against poverty, with a wide range of poverty, a deep level of poverty and a heavy task.

"The endless mountain, the endless bitterness." Guizhou was once labeled "poor and backward". 

According to the statistics, since the 18th CPC National Congress, Guizhou's poor population has decreased from 9.23 million to 308,300, leading the country in poverty reduction, and the poverty incidence rate has dropped from 26.8 percent to 0.85 percent.

Anhui (Province)

On April 29, 2020, Anhui Province came the good news, with the last batch of nine counties (districts) officially withdrew from the list of poverty-stricken counties, 31 poverty-stricken counties have all taken off the cap, 3,000 poverty-stricken villages all out of the list, marking the great achievements of poverty alleviation in Anhui Province.

Our funding Si county in Gansu province since 2012, the annual funding application form often like snowflakes float, multifarious filtering work, responsibility, The Board of Care Action Macao often takes a lot of discussion to decide on a candidate, over the years thanks to follow up students' family situation, Si county Red Cross will then secretary-general Wuyu aid-receiving students learning conditions, Li Bin, the current president, has been actively cultivating the moral development of the students, analyzing various subsidies and family needs, so as to make the funding work of Care Action Macao smoothly. In 2017 and 2019, the director and supervisor of the association visited the students in Anhui province twice, and witnessed the great love spirit of the Si county Red Cross and felt deeply


Guangxi (Province)

Road, uneven; Electricity, impassability; Water, insufficient. Guangxi "eight mountains, one water and one field", the vast mountains, blocking the mountain people's road to prosperity.

Guangxi has always been the main battlefield of poverty alleviation in China. Guangxi has many difficulties, such as the old, the young, the border, the mountains, the poor and the reservoir. The poverty-stricken area is large, the poverty-stricken population is large, and the economic foundation is backward. What remains of the poverty-alleviation work is hard to crack. Poverty alleviation is the biggest "short board" and "tiger in the way" for Guangxi to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way in step with the rest of the country. Since 2013, Care Action Macao has carried out poverty alleviation and student aid work in Nanning and Guilin, Guangxi, and is currently the province that has funded the most students in the Education Fund.

Guangdong (Province)

In 2014 and 2015, Care Action Macao and Jiayin Association participated in the "Plan to Help Poor Students in Meizhou to Go to University", which helped Meizhou teenagers with their dreams to fly. "When teenagers have difficulties, the Youth League can do something", which helped Meizhou better in targeted poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation.

To better motivate students to study hard and hard, from 2021 to 2025, we set up the "Care Action Macao" Growth Education Fund in Foshan University. , o be awarded, students must be from financial difficulties families. The criteria include "outstanding achievement, moral virtue, intellectual excellence, sports, art, and hard work", to achieve "encouraging poor first”.