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Care Action Macao connects people like the matchmaking god, bringing love










Sending Love to Chongzuo, Building a Home Together


 Care Action Macao Public welfare Seminar

After leading a delegation to visit and research elderly care services in Macao in 2020, Jiang Dan, the Director of the Development Center of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, returned with another delegation this year to further engage and exchange ideas with Care Action Macao and other charity organizations in Macao over the course of several days, deepening their understanding of the public welfare sector in Macao.

It feels so dear to meet them

Everyone has his own family relationship, family relationship is divided into blood and non-blood, the two kinds of relationship on the surface of the "blood is thicker than water" consanguinity. However, some non-consanguineous family relations are more prominent and deeper than consanguineous family relations. The personnel mentioned in the following article is an example of the latter kind of relations.

Shao Caili, Gansu: Life is not a road in vain

Time flies. I graduated from nursing school last year and am grateful to Care Action Macao for the warmth and support they have shown me. When I was studying at Zhong Wan Primary School, I was fortunate enough to enjoy free meals provided by Care Action Macao. Although the mythical free life disappeared during my middle and high school years, I received financial assistance from them in college, thanks to their support. Together with the frugal lifestyle and hardworking habits that my parents and family have instilled in me, I have now entered the workforce.