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Care Action Macao Education Fund Summary In 2022

​After years of hard work, 1,027 students have benefited from the program. Of the 393 students who completed higher education, 25 completed master's degrees and one completed a doctorate. The condition of life is considerably improved when the graduate enters the community, bringing with him several times the economic income of the family.

Memories that can't be erased

The orphanage has a pair of brothers suffering from hemophilia,70 years old to be present for nursing needs.schools in their own cities and counties are scared to accept them.

Wang Xuetong, Gansu: The value of offering to society

From the first time I was assisted, I became more determined to be a person of value to society in the future. For us mountain children, reading was the only ideal path. As expected, I was admitted to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. During my work-study program, I also earned many awards and grants, which decreased the pressure on my family.

Wang Dengkui, Gansu: Relatives

Wang Dengkui lost his father when he was young. He and his sister Liangxia were brought up by their grandparents and admitted to the university. Dengkui not only worked and studied in school, but also worked during the summer and winter holidays to support his family.

Moisturizing things silently
The fruit is in its infancy

Two years have passed since the outbreak of COVID-19 hit the world, and the epidemic is still severe. The epidemic prevention and control workers are on the run. Among them, the medical staff are at the forefront of the fight against the virus, as well as their logistics colleagues who are called upon to support the front line at all times. Their perseverance, selfless dedication, fearless spirit, respected.

Wang Zeqi, Gansu: Dawn

I remember last summer vacation, just finished the college entrance examination I am ready to step into college life, was a great blow when something bad and depressed sad, by principal Ran contact benevolence Care Action Macao Secretary uncle Lai. After Uncle Lai and Ding Ning sent encouraging emails, I picked up my spirits and began to live a positive and optimistic life. They brought me hope and light.