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Albert Lai

Ding Ning (left) is accompanying the chief pediatrician to visit the ward
Sun Aoying examines and cleans the wound for the patient
Liu Qiaoli in Xinjiang went to a carbon factory to do electrocardiogram for workers' physical examination

Two years have passed since the outbreak of COVID-19 hit the world, and the epidemic is still severe. The epidemic prevention and control workers are on the run. Among them, the medical staff are at the forefront of the fight against the virus, as well as their logistics colleagues who are called upon to support the front line at all times. Their perseverance, selfless dedication, fearless spirit, respected.

Interstate this difficult day, think about the Care Action Macao majoring in medical student fund support provinces have graduated, and still attend the recent situation of the classmate, when the contact part of the students, that most of them in medical institutions around the hard service, also have many people in epidemic prevention and control points of different parts of the job, contribute to the nation.

Ding Ning, a pediatrician who graduated from Gansu province three years ago, said, "Medicine is my favorite subject. In the past few years, I have seen so many deaths and deaths. Only when I saved two young lives with my knowledge did I really find the meaning of my work. There is too much suffering in the world. Nevertheless, everyone should try his best to shine his light and warm others. That is, he should try his best to heal the wounded and save the dying with what HE has learned."

Sun Aoying, a medical student, said, "I am now practicing in the hospital. On the basis of combining theory with practice, I also learn how to establish a good doctor-patient relationship. I can independently write various medical documents, master basic aseptic operation, dressing change, and various matters needing attention on the operating table."

After graduation, Wang Hailiang worked as a nurse for more than half a year in Gansu province. She was very happy to learn a lot of knowledge and interpersonal skills with the help of his leaders and colleagues and his own efforts and realized the bitterness of being a nurse. He was criticized and complained about by patients, but he would not give up his dream of being a nurse and would work harder to become a qualified nurse.

Liu Qiaoli, who transferred to medical school last year, said, "I am very excited to realize my dream of becoming a doctor. She will study hard and take an active part in the anti-epidemic work. She went to schools, prisons, communities, and nursing homes to collect nucleic acid and served as a volunteer to send food to people in isolation.


He Lijun is working in the nurse's office

Over the years, the Care Action Macao Education Fund has supported a total of 78 students who have graduated or are still studying in the direction of medical treatment in Huining of Gansu Province, Zunyi of Guizhou Province, Nanning and Guilin of Guangxi Province, and Sixian of Anhui Province. The belief of financial aid is "helping the poor first", hoping to help the poor students finish poverty alleviation, but also cultivate talents.

President Lo expressed his gratitude to the medical students for their professional efforts in protecting the health of the public at the front line. He was very happy to see the achievements of the medical students in the past ten years. He sincerely hoped that everyone would continue to support us in promoting the multi-meaningful work and cultivating talents for the society.

Wang Yunxia, a doctor at Beijing Tongrentang in Lanzhou
Fan Junjun of Guizhou province (1st from left) diagnosis at the health center of Guancang Town, Tongzi County
Wang Hailiang at the nucleic acid testing studio