Shao Caili, Gansu: Life is not a road in vain

 Time flies. I graduated from nursing school last year and am grateful to Care Action Macao for the warmth and support they have shown me. When I was studying at Zhong Wan Primary School, I was fortunate enough to enjoy free meals provided by Care Action Macao. Although the mythical free life disappeared during my middle and high school years, I received financial assistance from them in college, thanks to their support. Together with the frugal lifestyle and hardworking habits that my parents and family have instilled in me, I have now entered the workforce.


In May of last year, my internship ended, and with my certification in hand, my nursing degree became my stepping stone into the hospital. I spent half a month reviewing for the professional promotion and graduation exams, but due to the pandemic, the school had reduced its student intake and I failed the professional promotion. After completing the graduation exam, I made my resume and attended a job fair held in school. Several hospitals had strict requirements, so I sent my resume to the ones I was interested in. After my resume passed the hospital's screening process, I took a written test and was lucky enough to pass. I was then chosen to attend an interview and nervously stepped into my first-ever interview. The interviewer asked me questions related to the medical profession, and I was able to answer them. However, since it was a long distance away from home, I ultimately decided to decline the opportunity.

I then began to look for work locally, sending out my resume through various job recruitment channels, dozens of times. Eventually, I received an offer from a second-class hospital to participate in the recruitment process. Following this, I was also invited to join a group, which had 300 members, but they only accepted 20 medical personnel. The selection process included a written test, skills assessment, and interview. I arrived at the hospital the next day, where a guide led me to the written test in the lobby. The test was very strict with ten teachers proctoring as if it was the college entrance examination. I successfully passed the written test. In the afternoon, I took the skills assessment and was tasked with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. I performed well and it felt natural, to recall my practices during school. I learned that I passed the skills assessment when the list was released.

Preparing for the next day's interview, I woke up at six and dressed in formal attire. The interviewer asked me six questions, and although I was not able to answer some of them accurately, I still participated although my score was low. This interview allowed me to understand my shortcomings and sense the difficulties of employment while gaining social experience. With the guidance of a counselor, I decided to take a three-year rural teaching, medical, and healthcare service (also known as "three supports, one assistance") exam while simultaneously reviewing and finding a job. After half a month, I returned to HuiNing to take the exam and then applied to a private hospital pending the exam results. I began working at the hospital while awaiting the results.

If you can't see the goal of your dream for the time being, just take two more steps. "This is my motto. Among nearly 200 candidates, 12 three branches and one help staff were recruited. The practical significance of three branches and one help is to go down to the grassroots, to help collect nucleic acid here, to become a formal grassroots medical staff.


The financial encouragement and support from Care Action Macao was a beacon for me on my long road ahead, which enabled me to get the job I wanted. I will turn this love into the best return for the motherland and the society in the future. Welcome uncles and aunts to Gansu again to share the fruits of love with me, see the changes in our hometown, and embrace the evergreen tree of life together!

Teacher Ran (right), I and my parents are in front of our house
I vaccinate young children
The writer (center) and colleagues are all smiles as they go to work
Author hospital in front of the traditional Chinese medicine hall
When I was in Chung Wan Primary School (left)
I'm in the nucleic acid sampling room