Dr. Rebecca Lee

Second stop - stay indoors

I arrived in Chengdu on July 16 and will have a four-day break.

During the break, I moved to an ancient town named Huanglong, which is famous for making movies. When I set out for town, it was a hot day. After driving for more than an hour, the road was dusty and dusty, like fog and dust particles, as if even the plants on the roadside could hardly breathe.

Car oil was insufficient and it was difficult to find a gas station, finally arriving in Huanglong Town. All of a sudden, the mood relaxed, an ancient town, antique, a small street lane, the shop hanging wine flag, wine flag made of white cloth, write blue words, blue edge, respectively write on the store specialized varieties, such as bean flour, spicy noodles.

It was easy to play here for a long time, and only 12 yuan for a great lunch, tofu is the most famous here.

On the way back, we finally drove up to a gas station. The oil tanker used the old refueling method, but it was too dangerous to suck it with his mouth. After filling the oil, he took out the oil pipe and spilled the oil on the ground.

​In addition to visiting Huanglong Town, I was confined to the hotel. Because we must ensure that they have a good rest, during this period of time can not get sick, diet should be particularly careful, otherwise, have not started climbing failed down, the "declaration of the three poles" ideal is hard to reach.

​In addition, it is getting higher and higher, and I have to adapt to the change in the climate.

​At the same time, I used to think about the problems I might encounter and how I could overcome them and keep myself mentally prepared.

​In addition, I also wrote a shooting outline so that I have a goal to shoot and strive to complete my mission.