Macau New Year mountaineering Campaign

The "Macau New Year mountaineering Campaign" was held in early January jointly organized by Care Action Macao, Associação dos Viajantes de Macau, Associação de Juventude San Ngai de Macau, and the Macau Sai Chung Ko Mountain Climbing Association. The activity attracted 50 participants. In the morning, they went to Xiangshan Lake Park in Zhuhai and hiked on Cloud Road. In the afternoon, they went to Wanchai and climbed Garin Mountain.

Through hiking and mountaineering, members of the four clubs support each other, enhance mutual understanding, and exchange experience on hiking, mountaineering, long-distance running and charity work. The event is expected to promote healthy living day.

The participants of the event included Mr. John Lo, Chairman of Care Action Macao, Mr. Fong Koc Hong, Council President of Care Action Macao, and Mr. Choi Wai Pang, Deputy Council President of Care Action Macao; Mr. Cheong U, honorary president of Associação dos Viajantes de Macau, Mr. Wu Hou Keung; Mr. Ieong Io Cheong, chairman of Associação de Juventude San Ngai de Macau, Mr. Tai Bai Weng, and Mr. Chio Kin Chong, chairman of Macau Sio Chong Ko travel mountain Association, etc.

Group photo of members of the event
(from right) John Lo, Eric Ko, and Kit Chio climb to the top of the mountain
Members of the youth Committee assisted each other in climbing
Members of the track and field community climb mountains together
Experience Park Cloud Trail of Xiangshan
Mount Jialin gives a panoramic view of Macao and Hengqin