Liu Ruihong, Gansu :
Great love gave me a happy life

 How time flies, I have been working for more than a year. Back then, without the help of uncle Ran and Uncle Lai, the financial support of Care Action Macao and Aunt Poon, my dream of going to college could only be a soap bubble of hope.

Because I was once a girl with nephrotic syndrome, from time to time hospital examination, but also have to take medicine on time every day, even the doctor are holding the attitude of observation while treatment, sometimes I even want to give up treatment, just mom and dad stubborn insist on treatment and psychological counseling, slightly stable my mood. Especially, the financial support from Aunt Poon of Care Action Macao not only gave me great financial support, but also encouraged me spiritually.

Uncle Ran said to me: "The reason why uncle and aunt Of Macao Leshanhang help you is that in view of your serious illness, you should keep studying and not drop out of school."Since then, I have never been lazy in school. Without your help, I could not have experienced the wonderful college life, enjoyed the advanced teaching resources and excellent learning environment of the school. They are even less likely to get a higher education in this field. In school, I never forget the hard-won learning opportunities, earnest and diligent. I also take part in some volunteer activities and do my bit to help those in need.


    After two years of basic education in the school, I worked as an intern in an education and training institution in Shenzhen from August 2019 to January 2020.Because the major of the school is preschool education, and the training institution mainly serves as a primary school Chinese teacher. Because of different majors, I often work overtime to prepare teaching plans until two or three o 'clock in the morning during my tenure.

In the continuous efforts, more and more students like me, and my grades are among the best. At the end of the internship, the head of the training repeatedly wanted me to stay in Shenzhen to be responsible for Chinese teaching, but politely refused because the working place was far away from home. After the internship, I immediately returned to my school to attend the interview for the teacher qualification certificate. Thanks to my internship and teaching experience, the interview was not difficult for me and I got the preschool teacher qualification certificate at one time. However, because of the epidemic, graduation in nine days to hurriedly draw to an end. Because of the epidemic, all work units are temporarily not hiring, so I saw the recruitment of public institutions in Urumqi, I did not hesitate to apply for it.    


    When the epidemic broke out in Urumqi in 2020, I wore protective clothing and slept in a car under a residential building every day, delivering vegetables to residents and taking out garbage to do various epidemic prevention work. In fact, it is really hard and tiring. Sometimes when I can't hold on, I think of Care Action Macao, the help of Aunt Poon and Uncle Lai, and the hard work of my parents.

There are no holidays and weeks off in this job. After working for one year, I could not make ends meet because I was far from home and my salary dropped from 4,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan suddenly. In August, he decided to resign and return to Dingxi, Gansu province. Dingxi city kindergarten interview at present, now waiting for the notice to go to work, please uncle and aunt waiting for the good news of official work in kindergarten!

The author works in farmland on National Day this year
I (left) took a photo with my mother in my hometown this year
The author (second from the left in the front row) took a photo with his partner during the epidemic
The author (second from the left in the front row) took a photo with his partner during the epidemic
She is working with a partner
I (second row left) college graduation photo