Dr. Rebecca Lee

Revelation of wisdom

The big goal and the big topic of photography have been figured out. From such a big topic as " THREE POLES DECLARATION", I hope to get enlightenment of wisdom in the primitive plateau snow area. If I stand on the plateau, no matter how hard the cold and lack of oxygen, I will try my best to overcome and explore.

The ancients said: "up to observe the image in the sky, down to observe the ground", this is the spirit of scientists to explore the need, I will follow the scientists to observe nature in this spirit, explore nature. At the same time, I also hope to explore the relationship between man and nature on the premise of "unity of man and nature", which includes the spirit of science as well as the existence of literature, philosophy and art.

From the perspective of art, art emphasizes the beauty of nature, because the natural beauty without pollution and artificial carving is the natural beauty, and this natural beauty needs to be expressed by science. Therefore, I hope to express a consciousness through photography, so that people can have a stronger resonance with nature, so that people can know more about basic science, love the earth, and thus love home, patriotism and humanity.

Humans have had it since ancient times. Human beings place their feelings in nature, and nature also brings happiness to human beings. Therefore, literature, philosophy and art have all expressed a natural view of beauty since the beginning of mankind. It's just that each person's experience of reality is different, and they take different forms.

Under the title of " THREE POLES DECLARATION", I will accompany scientists to explore the snowy plateau to further understand the meaning of life and the beauty of nature, which I will also express in photography.