The 16th Care Action Macao Virtual Run was successfully held

The 16th “Care Action Macao Cup" charity virtual run on October 26 solstice held on November 7, 17 days, attracting more than 800 runners support, Guangdong province, Hong Kong raised MOP 510,000 fee, sponsorship and donation activities, we will, as always, will donate to all in not deduct any administrative expenses, full into the "Care Action Macao Education Fund", To subsidize undergraduate students in the Mainland to complete their academic degrees.

Every year, The Care Action Macao Cup is started at Hac Sá Reservoir Natural Park, surrounding the Hac Sá reservoir, Shitang mountain fold, surrounded by A-Ma Cultural Village events, designed to link community, promote the health of body and mind, encourage the public-spirited, but due to the Macao COVID - 19 outbreak, to take into account the public safety, by the entities run the round hill, change to a virtual running form, There were two challenge groups of 5km and 16km. Participants decided their route plan, chose their running time and place and uploaded their running records. More than 600 runners completed the course. Some groups/companies organized their own teams to complete the virtual run and work together to fight the epidemic.

Cheok Chai Un Fok Tak Chi Tou Tei Mio Chek Lei Wui participates
Runners complete challenges and take selfies with excitement
President Lo (second from right) officiates at the computer lucky draw
Mr. Paulo Chu and Mr. John Lo completed the challenge

John Lo, president of Care Action Macao, said that despite the test brought by the epidemic, the participants' kindness did not lose. He sincerely thanked the runners for their support. After announcing the change to virtual running, there were still nearly 300 runners who signed up for it.

This year, "Care Action Macao Education Fund" has collected 970,000 Patacas and spent 1.7 million., benefiting students 381 people. Calendar year accumulative total funding nearly three thousand person-time, 324 college students graduated this year, 20 graduate, is more a doctoral graduate, after they put into social work, in addition to become the economic pillar of the family, Life has improved significantly, graduates will also be grateful heart into action, graduated student Lu Xiaoming assist us to contact student in Guangxi Nanning.

Last year, Ding Ning, a graduate student from Gansu province, donated "Care Action Macao Education Fund" to support poor students in her hometown. She is very glad that they have the heart to give back, and carry on the concept of caring for the weak, helping students and helping the poor, and continue to pass on their love to others.

Friends of Cheok Chai Un Fok Tak Chi Tou Tei Mio start the tour
Galaxy Entertainment Group Runner poses before the charity virtual run
Galaxy Entertainment Group runners who are participating in the virtual race
Love and support from Galaxy Entertainment Group
AIA Evergreen district foundation team members take a group photo with children before their charity walk