Visit the town of Sika Deer to know how to help the poor

Aaron Iu presents a souvenir to Dongfeng County

In January 2021 , to enhance awareness of domestic public welfare project, Macao Overseas Chinese Returners Association and Care Action Macao organization ordinary to Liaoyuan City, Dongfeng county, Jilin province, examining "There is a deer under Changbai Mountain" public welfare adoption program, project office, Mr. Jinlong in Jilin province government top think-tank experts under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Jie, insight into the local industry development situation of sika deer, Aaron Iu, Executive Vice President of Care Action Macao, and Henry Ip, Vice President of Care Action Macao participated in the visit tour.

As the largest province of deer breeding in China, Jilin Province has a long history of domestication and rapid development. n the context of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and tackling poverty alleviation, helping farmers and rural revitalization to solve the problem of poor deer farmers. solve the problem of stable employment in the "Six Stable", the special poverty alleviation project carefully created by the institute closely combines the development status of sika deer industry in Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province and the poverty alleviation work. In the future, relying on the "Internet + deer industry" and combining the Internet and Internet of Things application technologies, becoming the Online channel adopters of sika deer, driving the economic development of the deer industry and alleviating employment pressure. Rural revitalization, targeted poverty alleviation and the development of sika deer will be organically linked and implemented to truly make "sika deer" become "rich deer" for farmers.




The sika deer befriended the visitor
Visit the sika deer farm