Support rural households in Xinglong village in revitalizing their industries.

Albert Lai

11 years ago, Care Action Macao built several schools after school building, student dormitory, in Guangxi Nanning Long Li village, succeeded in residences from the county town middle school building water reservoirs, etc., at the same time for several schools students donated clothes and school supplies and other supplies, and delegation to visit schools and poor families from the county into little kindness to them.

Three years ago, we installed an air-energy water heater supply system for 24 secondary and primary schools with boarding facilities in Longlin County, Baise, to provide students with hot water to take a hot bath in winter. The Care Action Macao Education Fund was established in 2011, and we have started to subsidize impoverished students in Nanning, Baise, Guilin, Yulin, Chongzuo, Beihai, Liuzhou, and Hezhou, Guiping, Laibin, and Hechi to graduate from university. The work of education assistance is still going on.

In order to support rural revitalization, Care Action Macao funded the macadamia nut planting industry plan in Xinglong Village, Buquan Township, Longan County, Guangxi Province, to purchase seedlings, base fertilizer, labor, transportation, and other pilot planting expenses.

Xinglong village, located in the west of Longan County, is a typical Dashi Mountain village with a large population and little land. The villagers take migrant work as the main source of income, and the rural economy develops slowly.

Macadamia nuts have high nutritional and medicinal value and high economic value. It is suitable for growing in the south Asian tropical monsoon climate of Xinglong Village. The territory is humid and rainy, with sufficient sunshine, more heat, less cold, and not much wind. Macadamia generally can reach yield in the year after planting, and enter the peak season in the 10th year. It is expected that the peak season will be 25 plants per month, with an average economic life of 60 to 70 years. It is the "green bank" for farmers to get rich.

The villagers' committee of Xinglong Village takes the self-owned land around the village committee office area as the core experimental area, planting 5 mu intensively, while the surrounding rural villages such as Nonghetun are scattered planting experimental areas.

In the core experimental area of the village committee, the village committee is responsible for the management and protection of planting and breeding, while the natural scattered seeds are claimed by the villagers. The income from the core pilot area of the village committee is controlled by the village committee and used for public welfare expenses such as helping the families of the village with special poverty, illness, or disaster and the students with special poverty to go to school, while the income from the natural scattered planting belongs to the adopted farmers.

After the pilot planting is successful, farmers will be further guided to expand the planting area. We hope that through this pilot planting of macadamia nuts, farmers will increase their income, and macadamia nuts planting will develop into a pillar industry for the rural revitalization of Xinglong Village.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs and Foreign Affairs Committee of CPPCC Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee and Guangxi Xielifuzhu Foundation handed over the funds to Xinglong Village
Planted with macadamia saplings
Nut saplings are delivered to the test area and unloaded by trucks
The villagers are digging pits to plant nut saplings.
Planted nut saplings will become a "green bank" for Xinglong villagers.