2020 The University of Manchester Worldwide Charity Run(Macao)-Rules

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The University of Manchester
Worldwide Charity Run(Macao)



About this Event


University of Manchester (UOM) Alumni – Macao 


Care Action Macao 

Support Unit 

Hou Kong Sports Club
Clube Desportivo “Os Macaenses”
Bay Area Vision Media
Society of Food & Environmental Health (Macao)
Crazy Paper


Care Action Macao

Event Date & Time 

Saturday, 19 September, 2020

19:00 Hong Kong, China Time

Registration Dates 

23 August,2020 (Monday) – 18:00, 10 September, 2020  (Thursday)


  1. Leisure Area on Taipa Waterfront (Cycle Track)
  2. Run/jog in the park, treadmill, gym, home or anywhere you like.


MOP 300.00


  1. Compete the Charity Run, Connect the World.
  2. Break the Guinness World Record of “Most people running/jogging online simultaneously’.
  3. All registration fees and donations will be allocated to the Care Action Education Fund for the purpose of assisting helping students in impoverished areas in Anhui, China.

Anyone can register


(+853)28700220 Ms. Liu / Ms. Tang


We are organizing a charity run while aiming to break the Guinness World Record of “Most people running/jogging online simultaneously’.

COVID-19 is undoubtedly one of the worst pandemic in this century. During this difficult time, we are concerning about the health and living conditions of children in rural areas of Mainland China since we identified poverty as one of the major concerns in China. Therefore, we initiate this event to raise funds to improve the living quality of these disadvantaged children that need even more care and attention as well as financial resources to support them in remote areas. University of Manchester (UoM) and Allied Manchester Business School(AMBS) Alumni are here for them and need your kind support.

Firstly, for the world record, you will run with UoM and AMBS students and alumni at different location at the same time on the same day on Zoom platform. You can run in the park, on the treadmill, in gym, at home, or at any place you prefer.

Secondly, for the race, you can join the 2 KM, 5 KM or 10 KM competition. Of course, you can just run for fun without any distance requirement.

To join the run, please make a donation to Care Action Macao. 


How do you run a virtual marathon?

  1. 3-minute jog

The organising committee will send you the event programme and Zoon connection link 5 days before the event.

  1. 2km / 5km / 10km

Race Competition 

·For this event, if you are joining a distance run, please download and install the Nike Running Club (NRC) app to your mobile within the week of your registration. We will add you to the selected group by your email address and use NRC to track your running record.

·On the event day, you may jog/run in field, in park, on treadmill, in gym, or even on the spot inside the house at your preference.

·You also can run with us on Leisure Area on Taipa Waterfront (Cycle Track)


  1. All participants are required to use Zoom at the event scheduled time and show your face on the video during the period of creating the world record. Please also download Zoom app onto your mobile or computer in advance.
  2. On the event day, you may jog/ run in field, in park, on treadmill, in gym, or even on the spot inside the house at your preference. But you should follow the social-distancing rules and any restriction as imposed by the government for the health and safety measure during the COVID-19 outbreak.




`The registration form can be collected at the Care Action Macau(2 Andar C,EDF. King Xiu Garden, No.14 Rua De Luis Gonzaga Comes,Macau),

`Complete the registration form and submit it with the registration fee


·Via online system to finish the registration form




Donate money and finish race competition

  1. Certificate of appreciation by University of Manchester 
  2. Thank you letter by Care Action Macau


Thank you letter by Care Action Macau 




Direct Donation

Welcome to deposit the donations directly into the Education Fund of “Care Action Macao”.

Bank Name

Bank of China Macau Branch


Care Action Macao

Account No.

1819-0110-1003-033  (MOP only)

PS. If you use the Bank of China Online Banking Transfer, need to enter account number as 00-1819-0110-1003-033. 

Please deposit the donation into the BOC account of “Care Action Macao”
Return the deposit slip to careactionmacau@gmail.com / Fax: (+853)28700308.


Information for participants

Disclaimer: You are fully responsible for your health condition that is suitable to join the event and running in a safe environment. The organizer team does not assume responsibility nor liability for injury, death or loss of property. Since this event is for charity and the amount paid is a donation, there will be no refund for cancellation.
For enquires: careactionmacao@gmail.com